Pre-school Experience

The first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out- Bill Gates

The Little Oaks Pre-school Experience

Little Oaks Nursery is a part of Royal Oaks World School Aurangabad offering a four year foundational programme designed to promote all around development of young children.

In essence, these foundations serve as a cornerstone for children’s learning and development, and use a combination of formal educational coursework on early learning and development, along with other sources of information.

Our Motto is-

"Let Them Be Little"

Little Oaks Nursery is our foundational programme designed to promote all round development of young children.

Since competencies vary from child to child, our foundational programme blends independent learning along with guided activities. Through innovative teaching and research based methods, namely Montessori and Play way, these unique pathways of learning identify and describe - knowledge and skills - which children of these age groups typically go through during the preschool years.

Thus, Play is as an integral part of the curriculum and our activities encourage them towards active exploration and experimentation. To serve all children, the pre-primary programme provides appropriate social interactions, experiences and environments to sensitively assist each child’s learning development.

The Pre-school Experience

What we offer at Little Oaks Nursery

  • Quality Curriculum
  • Modern and Appealing approach
  • Dynamic Interactive Learning Process
  • Age appropriate and Child initiated Learning Strategies.
  • Stimulating Environment
  • Personality Development.
  • Technology Based Learning
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Designated and specially designed Audio-Visual Room.
  • English and Linguistic Laboratory,
  • Maths Laboratory
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Performing Arts Stage
  • Football field
  • Basketball Court
  • Cricket nets
  • State of the Art- Computer Laboratories
  • Common room for Students
  • Weekly Events, Celebrations, Competitions.
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
  • CCTV Monitoring.
  • GPS enabled School Transport
  • Nutritious Healthy Meals.
  • Talent Recognition and Grooming.
  • Teachers ongoing Professional Development.
  • Unique Montessori Activity and Play Room.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Meaningful and Enriching Interactions with peer group and adults.
  • Emotional, Social, Academic and Personal Development.
  • A Global Approach to Learning
  • Senior Leadership Team with International Experience and Training.