Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes - We Believe Learning can be Fun

We follow Teaching/ Learning processes at Little Oaks Nursery School that are Child Centric and encourage our youngest learners to be PROUD of their achievements.

  • Age and developmentally appropriate, play and activity based on young children’s need, interest and abilities.
  • Based on planned experiences and activities for all developmental areas.
  • Flexible to suit the diverse needs and individual differences among children.
  • Linked with Curriculum of Primary school.
  • Enriched with teacher-initiated group work and freely chosen play activities.

  • Designed in a manner to provide feedback and reflect on children’s performances during activities.
  • Designed to promote adult-child interactions that involve open-ended questioning to extend young children’s thinking.
  • Designed to involve parents and families so that young children flourish.
  • Linked with Positive Learning Outcomes for young children.