Aims of the Curriculum

Aims of the Curriculum

The Curriculum aims to enable Children to:

  • Become successful learners who enjoy learning.
  • Understand texts of different subjects and be able to communicate knowledge and ideas.
  • Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.
  • Use technology to access and provide information and to communicate with others.
  • Understand cross-curricular linkages- connect learning across subject areas.
  • Become confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Understand and apply knowledge to real life experiences.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility towards others.
  • Function successfully in the local and world community.
  • Respect diversity (in terms of religion, gender, colour, regions etc. And differences of opinions and beliefs)
  • Exhibit sensitivity towards environmental issues.
  • Learn to manage and utilise resources judiciously.

The school selects Textbooks after intense research in order to provide interesting, innovative and current learning modules for the children.

Digital content is also selected in order to bring in the technological aspect of Teaching-Learning.

Books are selected from private publishers and based on NCERT- National Council for Educational Research and Training guidelines

Subjects offered at Royal Oaks World School.




Social Studies

Environmental Studies




General Knowledge

Value Education

Art & Craft


Physical Education

Curriculum- Special Learning Activities

English Language Teaching Techniques

The Royal Oaks “Read Aloud Programme”

“Enrich Your Spellings” Programme

“Enrich Your Vocabulary” Programme.

Public Speaking and Communications Programme



Extempore Speech

Group Discussion

Making presentations

Arts & Crafts programme






Best out of waste

Developing Fine & Gross Motor skills

Linguistic intelligence

The Whole School Sports and Physical Fitness Programme

A specially designed curriculum for Sport and Athletic growth.

Emphasis on Strength Building, Individual Skills, Team work, Discipline and Confidence.

Highly trained Sports Coaches working with our learners.

Affiliations with Aurangabad District Football Association, Aurangabad District Cricket Association, Maharashtra Shit-Ryu Sports Karate-do Association, Roller Skating Federation of India.