Parent Engagement

Celebrating School & Family

Parent Engagement

Celebrating School and Family- 10th August 2019- Conducted by Dr Nidhie Navander

An interactive learning session where school and home find resolutions to problems faced by children in today's learning space.

Conducted by renowned child Psychologist and Counsellor Dr Nidhie Navander, this session was able to shed light on various problems faced by pupils, educators and parents in today’s environment, as well as providing solutions, techniques and ways to find resolution. It is important that we continue to conduct such interactive sessions for the wellness and well-being of all our children.

Providing opportunities and support to children in the 21st Century- Conducted by Dr Monali Deshpande

This interactive Parent seminar focused on New Age Parenting Skills. Parenting may be the hardest job we ever do. Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual that enables us to make it any easier.

Children do need love, consistency, ground rules and a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. This seminar provided an insight into child rearing that was effective for both parents, teachers and anybody who had influence over a child’s life.

Dr Deshpande delivered the following advice-
  1. Guide your children without controlling or micro managing them.
  2. Provide your child with a sense of security, safety and well-being.
  3. Appreciate them
  4. Acknowledge their feelings
  5. Treat them with respect
  6. Give them full attention when you are with them
  7. Remind them that you love them unconditionally
  8. Teach your children to be resilient
  9. Provide a united relationship with your spouse
  10.  Do not smother your child
  11.  Allow them to make decisions independently
  12.  Constant monitoring and instructing does more harm than good
  13.  Be a facilitator not a controller

This session was a highly interactive session with numerous questions being asked by parents.

The school believes and empowering parents’ children to live their fullest life.


Segment 1

Your Child And The 21st Century
  1. How To Raise A Happy Child.
  2. Teaching Emotional Intelligence.
  3. Teaching Self Discipline
  4. Constructive Mental Habits
  5. Cultivating Fun
  6. Cultivating Optimism
  7. Learning Empathy
  8. Building Relationships
  9. Setting Goals
  10. Nurturing Creativity
  11. Play Time
  12. Eating Dinner Together

Segment 2

Getting Your Child School Ready
    1. Encouraging Communication
    2. Developing Collaboration and Teamwork
    3. Encouraging Decision Making
    4. Fostering Imagination
    5. Developing A Sense Of Self

Segment 3

Sharing Q & A


Speakers -

Mr Kailash Deshmane (Dept.of Police- Crime Branch)

Mr Dhananjay Sanap (Dept.of Police- Crime Branch)

Mr Prashant Sakla (Dept.of Police- Crime Branch)

Mr Kailash Shivankar (Faculty- Royal Oaks World School)

  • Teaching Your Child Self Defence
  • Teaching Your Child self Reliance / Awareness
  • Dealing with Strangers
  • Teaching Your Child Signals and Dealing with of Unacceptable Behaviour
  • Teaching Your Child to Ask for Help
  • Cyber Crime / Using Social Media Responsibly
  • Recognising Predatory / Criminal Behaviours Online
  • Creating Dialogue at Home and School
  • Making a Child Feel safe and happy
  • Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression