Teacher’s Continuous Professional Development

Teacher's Continuous Professional Development

Teacher's Learning Platform - 7th to 14th December 2020

A week long interactive learning program was launched for all techers of Royal Oaks World School. The aim of this platform was for teacher's to exchange ideas, thought processes, teaching - learning stratergies and other best practices.
Sr.no Teacher's Name Book Date of Presentation
1 Miss Ummehani Shaikh Turning Points Monday 7th December 2020
2 Mr Aleem Shah Being a 21st Century Educator Monday 7th December 2020
3 Mrs Humera Banu The Developing Teacher Monday 7th December 2020
4 Mrs Suvarna Bihani Importance of Marathi Tuesday 8th December 2020
5 Mrs Sabika Shaikh How to Study & Teaching How to Study Tuesday 8th December 2020
6 Mrs Aparna Nair You Are Born To Blossom Tuesday 8th December 2020
7 Mrs Ashwini Natu Wanted Backbencher Wednesday 9th December 2020
8 Mrs Manisha Ingle Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Wednesday 9th December 2020
9 Mrs Shweta Maknikar Wanted Backbencher Wednesday 9th December 2020
10 Mrs Jamila Girniwala Ready Steady Go Wednesday 9th December 2020
11 Mrs Farida Dawoodi Brilliant Teacher Thursday 10th December 2020
12 Mrs Sneha Moon Smarter Memory Thursday 10th December 2020
13 Mrs Shilpa Rathod She Can You Can Thursday 10th December 2020
14 Miss Mahima Kasbekar The Power of Patience Friday 11th December 2020
15 Mrs Swati Choubey Exploring Effective Pedagogy Friday 11th December 2020
16 Mrs Manisha Agrawal Hidden Secrets of Toppers Mind Friday 11th December 2020
17 Mrs Sandhya Zalwar Classroom Dynamics Friday 11th December 2020
18 Mrs Riya Asrani 5 Lies My Teacher Told Me Monday 14th December 2020
19 Miss Bhakti Malhotra Inclusive Education Monday 14th December 2020
20 Miss Samantha Mathew Teachers as Learners Monday 14th December 2020
21 Mrs Romi Khan Happiness 101 Monday 14th December 2020