Pupil’s Enrichment

Laughter Therapy

The therapeutic effects of laughter have been studied since the 1970's.

Laughter Yoga developed in Mumbai has now been brought into the main stream.

Laughter Therapy exercises are designed to free you from stress and promote your well-being.

This morning at Royal Oaks World School we exploded with laughter.

Contrary to what many of us think, Laughter Therapy is not laughing rightaway from beginning to end. It is done in 3 phases.

1. Phase 1- The session starts with the clapping of hands in rhythm to activate accupuncture points, so that people are ready for further phases.

2. Phase 2 - Deep breathing exercises are recommended during this phase. It helps to lighten the mood and relax our lungs. These exercises help us to increase focus on our day to day activities.

3. Phase 3 - Laughing like a child without any reason is the main aim of this exercise. Different kinds of laughter in this phase include.

1)Greetings Laughter

2) Silly Laughter

3) Mirror Laughter

4) Balloon Laughter

5) Bird Laughter

6) Gratitude Laughter

It was wonderful to hear the joyous sound of laughter accross the school as well as see the happy smiling faces of our teachers, pupils, and other staff in the school.

"More than anything else, we want our children to be happy while they learn."

Story Telling Session

Story Telling Session -5th November 2020

Conducted by Ms Fehmeeda Siddiqui

Teacher, Story Teller Avid Reader, Propagator of good reading habits in children.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits and Living a Healthy Life - 04th November 2020

Conducted by Dr Swati Shende,


Indian Institute of Food Science & Technology.


Story Telling Session for Class 1

Stories and Tales, Song and Singing, Fun and Laughter- 04th November 2020

Conducted by Mrs Meenal Zaveri


School Administrator,

Pre-School Teacher,

Story Teller& Music Teacher.

Wonders of the Natural World

Wonders of the Natural World -3rd November 2020

Conducted by Mr Tarun Sircar

Environmental Activist,

Wild Life & Natural Photographer,

Bird Watcher & Visual Story Teller.

Money Managment & Business

Money Managment & Business -2nd November 2020

Conducted by Mr Rishi Choube

Branch Development Head (Training)

Edelweiss Tokyo Life Insurance.

Career Choices, Personality Growth & Development, Leadership & Choices

Career Choices, Personality Growth & Development, Leadership & Choices -2nd November 2020

Conducted by Mr Vikas Chaturvedi


Xanadu Realty, Mumbai.