Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The Royal Oaks World School Aurangabad seeks to create a learning environment that encourages our students to become intellectually capable young women and men with creative minds, healthy bodies and ethical spirits who would contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to a global society

Our Mission

The mission of Royal Oaks World School Aurangabad will be to develop each child with an active and creative mind. Each student’s self-esteem will be fostered by positive relationships, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. Our School aims at promoting a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment that encourages high expectations for success, as well as an academic program with appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles such that each child reaches his or her potential spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our Moto

From Roots to Wings

Empowering each child to be a lifelong learner.

Learning from a young age to be a critical thinker, problem solver and decision maker.

A child who in the next millennium can adapt to change build a life and career and an awareness of the world as a global citizen. With feet firmly rooted in the ground, a 21st Century citizen with the courage to soar on the wings of learning.

Our Logo

The Royal Oaks World School logo interprets the goals as well as the vision - mission of the school. The Oak tree is a metaphor for the qualities of character - strength, endurance, courage, generosity, integrity, honesty and compassion. The symbols are a creative representation of academic excellence - in wisdom, in skills, in knowledge and in values. The circular Blue aureole represents an all-encompassing environment for development - spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.