Learning space

Learning space

Pre-Primary Learning Space

How true it is when early childhood is called the “Wonder Years”. Your little one is the most precious thing in the world to you. And indeed, why not? From the first hesitant steps to the first words everything seems magical and wonderful.

Very soon your thoughts turn to preschool, learning and where to study. This is but natural as early childhood education is the first step in the ladder of education and an important stage which lays the foundation for lifelong learning and overall growth and development.

At Little Oaks Nursery School, we are here to ensure that your child is allowed to develop to his or her full potential. We believe that every little child entrusted to us deserves a stimulating environment and learning opportunities that allows for meaningful and enriching interaction with adults as well as others in the peer group and also provide emotional security to ALL children.

Little Oaks Nursery provides high quality experiences helping our youngest learners to a just better to a formal school routine and attaining the necessary reading, writing and Math readiness skills and engage in a co-curricular program that is fun, happy and child centric.

Toddlers Age 1.8 to 2.8 years

Your child has grown out of infancy and is now a proud little toddler. As they join Little Oaks Nursery you will find they begin to develop there logical and reasoning intelligence. This happens because the children are equipped with puzzles, building blocks and a host of other activities that allow their curious minds to excitedly explore.

Language skills are developed through storytelling, songs, rhymes and conversation. This is when fine motor skills are closely developed to and children are encouraged to do things for themselves such as pour a glass of water, use tongs, buttoning, lacing and zipping to name a few. Hand eye coordination begins to improve as well as grip which is the foundation for handwriting.

At Royal Oaks we have plenty of fun open spaces that are child friendly where children can play and learn at the same time.

However, the most important thing is your child has stepped into an environment and learning atmosphere that makes him or her feel safe, secure and well and truly loved. You will know this from the smile you see on your child’s face.

Nursery (Age Group 2.8 to 4 years

A whole year has passed and your child has taken baby steps to a brand-new world called nursery. This is the stage when they begin to develop social skills as well as vocabulary and above all their self-confidence. Our curriculum embraces group activities, practical and life skill experiences and we allow each child to grow and blossom in his or her own independent way.

Emphasis is given on strengthening cognitive skills through puzzles, problem solving and they are encouraged to explore and do for themselves vocabulary building, reasoning skills, colour and object recognition as well as writing are things that happen in the class room. Problem solving and self-help activities provides successful age appropriate experiences to enhance and build up your child’s personal, social, emotional and academic development.

Junior K.G. (Age Group 4 to 5 years)

By the time your child reaches Lower K.G. he or she is ready to begin the basics of numeracy, literacy, music, dance, art and language. They know that they are safe and secure in a nurturing environment and that they are loved and cared for. This makes their learning so much more effective but above all a joyous experience. Your child’s teacher will continue to build on social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

The curriculum is carefully designed to include a host of activities that will build on your child’s innate skills and abilities. All learning is done by doing. A multi-sensory approach allows the children to absorb and process the various things they are learning and experiencing. Fun activities ensure that there are learning opportunities for children. The use of technology in the class room enables the teacher to expose the children to a modern and dynamic class room environment.

Senior K.G. (Age Group 5 to 6 years)

This has been a truly remarkable journey. You will be delighted to see your child demonstrate personal as well as academic skills that show how confident and aware, they are. They are able to work independently as well as within a group. They have a sense of connectedness both with their peer group and adults.

They are eager to answer questions and share ideas. They are curious and ask different questions which begin with “how” “why”. They are able to communicate and share opinions expressing themselves in no uncertain manner. Writing skills continue to be homed and there is nothing more they seem to love is to colour and write. You will be amazed to see how your baby has groomed and become an articulate and supremely confident little leader