Why Choose Royal Oaks

Why Choose Royal Oaks

As you go through these pages, you will feel a rich sense of who we are. You will see many images. They reflect more than just our modern and comfortable premises and infrastructure. You will be provided with a sense of the vibrant student life and sense of community which exists within our walls and in our playgrounds.

At Royal Oaks, the students mean everything to us. We are always seeking to motivate them to go beyond and we are always proud of the results they achieve. Our staff are committed to helping each and every child attain their full potential and it is this objective which drives everything we do.

Each child that comes to us is unique and special. This is why we keep our classes small enough to provide every learner a well-rounded academic experience. Learning is not confined within the walls of the classroom. Every child participates in a diverse range of cultural and co-curricular activities. This adds to the learning experience. Royal Oaks is committed to providing excellent value in education. As such you will find our tuition fees compare favourably and are much lower than other private schools in the city.

We want to make learning as financially accessible as possible to as many parents as possible. We are proud of the value we provide. You are most welcome to visit us and take a tour of our school. You will see what sets us apart from other schools and how teaching and learning is unique at Royal Oaks World School.

We look forward to meeting you.