Safety Policy

Safety Policy

At Royal Oaks, you can believe that your child is 100% safe with us.

All entry and exit points are manned and supervised by trained security staff. They can be easily identified by their uniform and identity cards which are worn while on duty.

Support staff / cleaning staff have been carefully wetted. Each member of these staff is provided with a uniform, an identity card and employed after necessary Police verification / checks.

All areas of the school are under the surveillance of CCTV Cameras including classrooms, offices, dining and playing areas and Administration buildings.

Government regulated Fire Safety measures are in place and necessary fire clearing safety has been obtained.

Portability of Water is regularly tested to ensure safe and healthy drinking water.

First-Aid in the case of minor injuries is available within the school premises. A trained Nurse is available during all working hours to ensure medical emergencies are dealt with correctly and adequately.

On duty maids are ever present to assist children and monitor safety during rest room visits.

Committee for Protection of Children against Sexual abuse.

Anti-Bullying Committee.

Committee for Protection of Women against sexual harassment at work place.

All students are issued Identity cards which must be worn at all times. Children returning home after school hours may not leave unless Parent / Guardian display official “pick-up” card issued by school authorities.

Two specially appointed kitchen supervisors to ensure hygienic standards are achieved in the preparation of food and that all safety measures are in place during preparation of food.

Special medical needs, if informed to the school by parents at the time of admission, are taken into consideration should there be a medical emergency. All visitors/ vendors / guests must register their details at the main gate and only then be permitted to enter. Display of Visitor’s Badge around the neck is mandatory for all who are visiting the school.