How it all began

As with all endeavours, the birth of Royal Oaks began with a dream. Combined with the passion to provide education that would lead to social change, critical thinking and worthy human beings - the plan unfolded and the architectural structure began to take on a life of its own.

Opening our doors from June 2017, Royal Oaks World School, a co-educational K-12 school, has fast become an effective centre of educational activity in Aurangabad.

Governed by Eden Education and Research Institute, the founders envisioned a school with a difference that imparted 21st Century Life Skills building on the core concepts of community and togetherness.

Built on a lush green campus, the school is strategically located near Deolai Chowk on Beed by pass along NH 211.

It is exquisitely designed such that it blends modern architectural innovations that bring it right in to the 21st Century.

Surrounded by natural foliage and wide-open spaces, the atrium roof allows sunlight to fill the entire school.

Our buildings and classrooms are bright and airy as we optimally use solar power to generate all our energy needs.

Inclusivity is at the core of everything we do and we remain committed to providing the very best experience to every child entrusted in our care.